Comprehensive Research Organization

Industry-Cooperation Promotion Center

Serving as a liaison for collaborative and contracted research with companies, we provide support for intellectual property management and technology transfer.

Project Research Center

A project research center is a research group carrying out lateral project research that goes beyond the organizational entities. These research centers are formed of researchers from within and outside of the university with a focus on faculty from our university carrying out diverse research activities to contribute to business solutions.

  • Functional Foods Research Center
  • Health Promotion Medical Research Center
  • Research Center for Fermented Materials
  • Research Center for Tourism in historical town
  • Research Center for Condensed Matter Physics
  • Research Center for Facility Management and Design
  • Research Center for Evaluation of Ecological IT
  • Environmental Restoration Technology Research Center of Seto Inland Sea
  • Information Systems and Management Research Project
  • Electronics Research Center of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Research Center of Eco-Friendly Material & Energy System for Vehicles
  • The research center of car (in the future)
  • Research Center for Residential Area Disaster Mitigation
  • Joint Industry-Academia Research Center for Training Core Machine Design Personnel
  • Ubiquitous Technology Research Center
  • Medical and Welfare Apparatus Project Center
  • Research Center for the Development of Highly Functional Structural Systems
  • Teaching and Research Center for IC Design and Process Engineering
  • Research Center for Advanced Global Environmental Information

Jointly Utilized Laboratory Center

The facilities and equipment of our university are open to many persons within and outside of the university so that they can be used effectively.
For outside companies and organizations, we provide support for many researchers through collaborative research with our university.

This apparatus utilizes an electron beam for examining the physical composition and structure of objects at the atomic level.
Direct observation magnification: 1 million times
Resolution: approx. 0.2 nm

Other Centers and Facilities

Manufacturing Center

The Manufacturing Center is equipped with machine tools of both quality and quantity that put it in the top class among technical colleges and universities. At this center precision experimental equipment and test pieces are fabricated for educational and research applications. Students in the two mechanical engineering departments also use the center to carry out exercises in machining and welding. The Manufacturing Center provides strong support for education in many aspects of manufacturing, for example, by giving technical guidance to undergraduate and graduate students who build their own experimental equipment as part of their studies.


The library collection contains approximately 250,000 books, 4,000 academic journals, and 7,000 audio-visual materials. The first floor has a space for newspaper reading as well as study rooms and offices. The second floor has reading rooms. The third floor has reading rooms for academic journals, audio-visual library and others. The annex houses rare books and other materials in addition above. Our lecture building, Nexus, also has learning commons for self-education and seatwork by students at the second and the third floors.


Hiroshima Institute of Technology owns and operates a residence hall for international students. The residence hall, which has accommodations for 17 guests, is located off campus, within commuting distance. It's about a 40-minute bicycle-ride from the campus or a 5-minute walk from Takasu Station on Hiroden Miyajima Line.

Information Systems and Media Center

The Information Systems and Media Center houses five computer-equipped classrooms (two with 112 computers, two with 90 computers, and one with 56 computers), and a multimedia classroom (with 80 computers). When not in use for classes, the classrooms are open to students and staff for individual study and research. The teaching system that can be used in these computer-equipped classroom can be connected to a network to allow for use from outside of the classroom. All of these computers are connected to the HIT-NET campus network, which provides access to the internet from any computer at the university.


The facilities at the Tsuru Memorial Gymnasium include a main floor large enough to accommodate three basketball courts; a 25-meter heated swimming pool, and a training room with a range of equipment including cycling machines, treadmills, and combination machines. The gym is used by students and staff alike for physical fitness, and to stay healthy.