Hiroshima Institute of Technology

Creating Technology for Richer Life

Hiroshima Institute of Technology (Faculty of Engineering) was established in 1963, building on the foundations put in place two years previously with the establishment of Hiroshima Technical College. Since then, the Graduate School of Engineering, the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Graduate School of Environmental Studies have been founded. In tandem with reorganization and expansion of departments within both faculties and the development of specialized subjects within the Graduate School of Engineering, upwards of 40,000 students have graduated from H.I.T.

Furthermore, as of April 2012, this university is comprised of 4 faculties (the newly established Faculty of Life Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Applied Information Science, and the Faculty of Environmental Studies) and 12 departments. Bearing in mind the watchwords" society, environment and ethics," and prioritizing the development of a humane outlook alongside technology ability, the aim is to nurture professionals with specialized skills capable of contributing to the evolution of society in the 21st century.